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FKDSET was founded in 2009 as a not-for-profit to provide aged 3 to 21 year olds with Down Syndrome in Monroe County a comprehensive range of developmental services from early education to vocational learning. As a result of personal experience, founder Nada Khalaf-Jones and her husband, Joe Jones, saw the benefit of continuing a variety of physical as well as educational and therapeutic activities that continued the services Laila Jones, their 3rd of 4 children, received until age 3 from the incredible Easter Seals Part C of the Americans With Disabilities Act funding.

“She thrived on dolphin encounters, art and music therapy programs, physical therapy, swim classes, dance, gymnastics, special needs tutors and teachers, educational travel opportunities, a dynamic living environment, carefully limited diet and more than extensive patience in simple life skills tasks, but most parents and families can’t provide the basic time or resources to their typical children during a busy work week, let alone their Down Syndrome children,” says Khalaf-Jones of her now 10 year old 4th grader.

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“Laila is struggling with development despite her Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is akin to a 1st grade curriculum, her age has her in a 4th grade classroom, yet she is struggling to keep up academically, it takes me hours of unbelievable patience to explain six is smaller than sixty, but who can afford that kind of time?” says Khalaf-Jones.


DS Children need physical strengthening and extra work on academic development in order to achieve basic educational and physiological milestones. When DS Children need to be taught at their pace the results are fantastic, and their pace requires extensive patience and repetition before they truly learn. This costs money and takes time. Part of our mission is to provide services such as this along with the others mentioned, to any child with DS in Monroe County.

General Information

Application for funds for your DS child can be made at www.fkdset.org by going to the Application link. Here can also be found the Provider Application in order for a professional practitioner who would like to be considered as a provider for FKDSET‘s children.

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