Alysia – A Rising Star

Alysia posing for the camera after coming in Second at the Tri-County Special Olympics last year.

Alysia came to FKDSET in 2009, a resident of Key West, Alicia has been a star of our charity, since she was first introduced. She began with swimming, then dance, recently she was gifted a new iPad, and has been recruited on to the swim team for the Special Olympics.

Her dance performance this season was so good she received her own standing ovation. Which is exciting because when a DS child really learns something by hearing, it’s a permanent kind of learning. It sticks for life.

Alysia Lopez (front) along with her tutor Belinda Rodriquez (back) shop for fruit. Exercises like this one teach our Down Syndrome children life skills such as how to plan a meal, count money, find the items and return home to make a meal. In this case, Alysia made a delicious fruit salad.

Alysia is benefiting greatly from life skills tutoring this summer. She is also swimming as a fiend. Her swimming pictures are a testimony to her increased development. And her Silver Medal at the Special Olympics last year is anticipated to turn Gold this year, with the assistance of Carol Woodward, the swim coach at the pool in Key West.

Alysia Lopez with Swim Coach Carol Woodward at Florida Keys Community College Pool, Key West. Alysia came in Second Place in the Tri-­County Special Olympics Swim last year.

Alysia’s Tutor gives praise to her progress. Read her note here.

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