Hello Nada,

It has been a very productive month!
Amber is able to completely spell words that are CVC (consonant vowel consonant). Using this same method we just started a new method for reading where she is now reading CVC sentences and answering them for comprehension.
Alysia has learned her address! I taught her a quick little song and dance because she loves music and this has helped her memorize such an important bit of information like her address. This is so wonderful because Alysia once literally disappeared from her local school and was unable to respond and tell the name of the school to the people that found her.

Thanks to this fantastic program that you are responsible for and the support that you receive from local businesses to make this possible! What a once in a lifetime opportunity that you share with children who have Down Syndrome! Alysia can now state her name, her address, her mothers, father, and brothers name – clearly.

Belinda Rodriguez

Alysia Lopez with Carol Woodward (front) along with Belinda Rodriguez ( back) bring the torch home at the Special Olympics, Key West, April 2012.
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