Can You Believe It? FKDSET supported by Rotary.

Rotary Club Of Key Largo Donates To Down Syndrome Kids
Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust Gets $500 From Rotary Club Of Key Largo for Monroe County Down Syndrome youth development. “Supporting the FKDSET was a no brainier, it was a unanimous thumbs up,” according to Dennis Caltigirone, Chairperson of the Rotary Club of Key Largo’s Charitable committee. When the check gets deposited it goes to swim training, speech therapy, optical co-payment, assistive technology, speech and language apps. FKDSET has low operational budget. No rent, no vehicles, no staff. “We are as lean as it gets, we ask for donations at EVERY turn. And outside in the world, it takes guts to ask for what you want. Our Board Of Directors have begun to hustle a little more lately. We know we have something really fantastic, and that inner strength turns into development for the DS kids here, plus their professionals providers get work, and, important to most therapy service providers and special need some professionals, make the rent, mortgage and taxes to stay in paradise. “It’s all round a win,” says Nada Khalaf-Jones of the 7 year charity. ” Join us, support.”





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