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another year of support for uniquely abled in Monroe County

Another year of support for uniquely abled in Monroe County

another year of support for uniquely abled in Monroe County
Another year of support for uniquely abled in Monroe County

Another year of support for the uniquely abled in Monroe County.

One day on a school field trip, approaching the ancient fort at St. Augustine we decided, us mothers, the world would definitely be a better place if Down Syndrome children or people ran it.

Without one dissenter among such a diversely aged, socio-economic and racially mixed group we found consensus on a major issue.

The upshot of it was that the Co-Founder of the charity, disheartened by people in the business world, was ready to throw in the towel and let the business license slip. Instead, The Co-Founder of the Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust, (FKSDET), that evening went to her computer, logged on and paid the filing fees to for another year of not for profit business license, to support uniquely abled Down Syndrome young people of Monroe County.

another year of support for uniquely abled in Monroe County
Good listeners.

Just exactly because she realized the value these DS kids bring to the world. And whether anyone knows or accepts it, the values they bring are what this world needs so desperately.

Ironically, more time and effort is spent aborting these lives before they are born, than bringing them out into the light of day and encouraging their universal innocence and love ethic to be the norm.

The renewal of the charities license, bring it’s age to eight years. The first of it’s kind, serving Down Syndrome people’s vocational, educational and developmental interests in Monroe County, it began because the founders have very big hearts and love everyone.

The mothers still chatter as they pass across the moat and through the gates of the fort of St Augustine, the evidence of man-kinds settlements, colonialism and conflict; battles and canons all around. A different parent is holding the Down Syndrome girls hand now.

“But it would be such a mess,” said one, “nothing would get done on time, but they love other people so readily and with so little conflict,” agreed another.

So, in view of the love and selflessness the average Down Syndrome person shows us every day, their totally trusting and un-judgmental view of the world, here is to world trusting day, where we give people hugs and love instead of criticism and cruelty, where we invite them to share our humanity instead of stealing theirs.

And here is our next years business license. Another year of support for the vocational, therapy and developmental needs of Down Syndrome children and young adults in Monroe County.

We are very pleased to adopt the new term Uniquely Abled, and partner with our uniquely abled Down Syndrome population, to support them in all ways, to show the world Uniquely Abled humans are valued, cherished and loved and to remind them the typical ones are too.

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