Diego is a rambunctious 4 year old boy, who has a thirst to learn. Luckily, Diego has not had the health complications that are prevalent in children with Down Syndrome. Our biggest challenge has been finding opportunities to enhance Diego’s abilities. While Diego is enrolled in a special needs pre-kindergarten class and receives therapy at school, they focus more on his disabilities than his abilities. Despite his delayed speech, he has learned sign language to be able to communicate his thoughts a needs and has a very good comprehension. While living in Big Pine Key has many advantages, a small community and ample opportunities to enjoy the natural environment, it has proved challenging to find good therapy programs that are affordable. Through the assistance of the FKDSET, Diego has been able to participate in therapy programs that have dramatically improved his abilities. These programs have included Dolphin Therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, music classes, and assistive technology. We have seen improvement in his abilities as a direct result of these programs. Diego has used apps on his iPad to learn the alphabet, read several 3 letter words and better fine motor skills in manipulating objects within the apps. Through continued support and more of these therapy programs Diego’s progress will be advanced enabling him to reach his full potential.

Thank You FKDSET for all you have helped him accomplish.

Diego (with father) Jim (left) pushing him and Gladys (mother) pushing Monica (right) at the 1st Annual Collaborative ‘2Shoes Walk 2 Miles With Us’ that celebrated Down Syndrome and Special Needs Awareness Month of October.
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