Laila- Little Ms Laila – Magically Transformed

Laila works with Physical Therapist Anastasia Gibson twice a week, during school hours.

6 year old Laila once attended physical therapy, provided by the FKDSET, with (Monica’s Mum) Anastasia, Physical Therapist PhD. Laila was a recipient of funds for a short period. She received tutoring from June 2012 for 3 months, but no longer receives funds. Physical Therapy is now provided by the school district, along with her Speech Therapy, which in most states – is the status quo. Therapy has strengthened her immeasurably, that and trampoline-ing at home along swim lessons. She has moved from moderately able to fully capable of climbing up the steps to her own front door, carrying her own lunch box, school bag, she runs at speed for more than 5 minutes. She can almost dribble a soccer ball as fast as her younger sister, Mira.

Laila kisses Fiji and Bella, two dolphins she has grown up with at Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo. Island Dolphin Care is a major center for Special Needs therapy swims, with world-wide appeal. Our local DS children receive scholarships to attend this 5 day therapy program that involves Art, Music and Language therapy in classroom and in water. Laila is magically transformed: she is focused, enthusiastic and ready to try anything.

Laila and her Mum swimming with dolphins Fiji and Bella at Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo.
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