Monica – A Remarkably Smart Little Girl – Ready to Dance Into Your Heart

Hanne Mickelson, Tutor, and Monica, read “Lulu’s Busy Day” at Key Largo Library.
We welcomed Monica in 2009, when her mother moved back to Monroe County with Monica and her sister Sophia. Monica is now 6.
She has endured many ear tubes and surgery has become something the parent’s want to avoid, so they decided to try Chiropractic treatments. With the help of Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust, and Big Pine mother Gladys Byrne, they have discovered a gentler way to help Monica with her ears. Since Chiropractic treatment began Monica’s speech has improved and her language is back on the amazingly accelerated track it was at before her 3rd ear surgery.
The only thing holding her back now is her diabetes. Monica is an exceptional DS child, her speed and agility are only marginally hampered by her diabetes, which she, herself, has learned to manage, using the finger stick method.
She is amazingly smart for a child with DS. She, like Laila, routinely test just within the ‘normal’ level on the standard psychological and IQ tests. Her Mum, as a physical therapist, is always working on her to strengthen her core. She is a testament to what a rigorous Physical Therapy program can do for a DS child.
FKDSET has supplied Monica with swim lessons, speech and language, chiropractic treatment, music classes and fantastic performances on stage as well as after school and summer tutoring since 2009.
Laila and Monica - Dance Across America 2011 Show
Laila (left) and Monica (right) after the show at Joyce Bennet’s Dance Across America 2011.
We helped Monica enroll in the Dolphin Swim program with our collaborative partner; Island Dolphin Care last 2012 and 2013 school season. She also is enrolled with the prestigious, On Your Toes Dance Studio, whose reputation for exacting choreography should produce interesting results with Monica.

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